Current exhibition: From the Psychedelic to the Vatican

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 This exhibition explores the effect Art has on popular culture ( the psychedelic scene) through to affecting institutions like the Vatican.

Enjoy the international styles of art & sculptures from artists which are the best of their generation.



 • Ruigoord : 1/9/2018:
In the Salon @  Multiverse
Time: : 18.00 - 0.00

• Ruigoord:   2/9/2018:
@ Classical in the Church
Time: 13.00 -19.00

• Woudrichem: 15/9/2018:
Church of St Martinus Tower
Time: 13.00 -19.00

• Zwolle: 22/9/2018
Time: 13.00 -19.00



Karl Ferris

Allen Barker

Bruce Atherton

Nora Kastein

Lars Weller

Harley Davelaar

Jeffry Koopman

Marcel Goossens

Ger de Joode

Past Projects

Asian Teaser Tour

Hong Kong - September 2017

Vietnam - January 2018

Singapore - April 2018

Participation in BAFF festival Bentlage (Germany)

Krater by Nora Kastein

September 2017

Participation in MAFF festival Almelo (Netherlands)

Stuck in a phonebox by Nora kastein

June  16-26 2017

Jam Shak; a Caribbean celebration, Zwolle (Netherlands)

Jam Shak


Art in Clubs, Ibiza (Spain)

Mei 2016 - august 2017

Code Canto

Code Canto by Nora Kastein

May 30 2015

Future Projects

Havana (Cuba) - Cultural Art Exchange

March 2018

University of Westminster, London (UK)

Some of our artists will be doing lectures about (internationale) collaborations.

Dutch Art Expo

Margin Art & Media artists. From the Psychedelic to the Vatican

1/9/2018 - 22/9/2018

Rayburn Building, Washington D.C. (U.S.A.)

June 2018, our artists will be doing an illumination on the Rayburn Building.

Details will follow later. Its possible to subscribe to this project.

Florance (Italy)

Our multidiciplined artists Giorgia Barabaski will do a collaboration in this beatifull place in Florance. Details will follow.