Upcoming: Sculptures in the garden of Eden

Persbericht / Pressrelease

Margin Art & Media are proud to present the Art Exposition;

“Sculptures in the Garden of Eden”.


Margin Art & Media are proud to present the Art Exposition;

“Sculptures in the Garden of Eden”.

Located at the beautiful location of Biesbosch Museum Eiland . 

The official opening is on 1st June 2019 at 12.00 

The guest speakers are:

Faiza Oulahsen: Greenpeace Campaigner, Climate, Energy & Trade.

Paula Jorritsma: Alderwoman for Altena Municipal.

A warm musical welcome by:

Johan Kloosterhuis: saxophone.

Eline Toebes: ceilo.

Participating artists are:

- Harley Davelaar

- Jeffry Koopman 

- MAF Art

- Nora Kastein

The exhibition lasts for 3 months: 1/6 - 31/8/2019.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the beautiful sculptures in the Garden of the Biesbosch Museum Island.

Watch the video here:


Margin (Art & Media) thanks the following organizations:

-Biesbosch MuseumEiland

-Municipal Altena



-The artists and their families.

Teaser Video

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Who is Nora?


March 2019

This is a series of art installations spanning the globe.  The challenge is to install my art in a natural environmental setting. It is limited and enriched by the elements of nature. The artistic challenge is to create the effect and to be open to the unexpected new effects thrusted upon me by the elements. Enjoy!

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Future Projects

Havana (Cuba) - Cultural Art Exchange


March 2019

University of Westminster, London (UK)


Some of our artists will be doing lectures about (internationale) collaborations.

Rayburn Building, Washington D.C. (U.S.A.)


June 2019, our artists will be doing an illumination on the Rayburn Building.

Details will follow later. Its possible to subscribe to this project.

Florance (Italy)


Our multidiciplined artists Giorgia Barabaski will do a collaboration in this beatifull place in Florance. Details will follow.